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OceansWide's programs give Maine students a unique, hands-on experience with guidance from educators, research scientists, archeologists, and historians. With an opportunity to get a first hand look into the past, present, and future of the Gulf of Maine, they become aware of the treasures they stand to inherit and the importance of protecting them.



Inspiration & empowerment begins with an unforgettable experience

OceansWide inspires students to become more involved in research and conservation of the world’s oceans by providing hands-on observation of the secrets hidden deep beneath the Gulf of Maine. We combine the tools of the trade—modern technologies, specifically remotely operated vehicles (ROV)— with a specialized, age-appropriate educational curriculum in ocean science, history, and exploration. Given the opportunity to dive in (sometimes literally) side by side with maritime professionals, students are empowered to continue working as stewards of the ocean. It's an experience that has motivated some of our alums to successfully pursue diverse on-the-water careers.

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