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OceansWide's programs give Maine students a unique, hands-on experience with guidance from educators, research scientists, archeologists, and historians. With an opportunity to get a first hand look into the past, present, and future of the Gulf of Maine, we help them become aware of the treasures they stand to inherit and the importance of protecting them.



In my life I have been extremely fortunate to see and experience some extraordinary things.


I was raised on Matinicus Island, Maine and spent 17 years as a commercial fisherman in the Gulf of Maine...

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Board Member

Matt began working with OceansWide in 2009, during his junior year of undergraduate study at the University of Maine. He instantly became enthralled with the idea of using Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV’s) as an educational outreach tool.

Matt traveled to Antarctica onboard the research vessels Nathaniel B. Palmer and Lawrence M. Gould in 2010 as a Marine Technician intern with Buzz who was then sailing as a Marine Technician and Marine Projects Coordinator.  Matt learned the ropes on the back deck of these vessels and soon became a Senior Marine Technician with the US Antarctic Program.  Over the years he has learned virtually every research instrument used on the vessels he has played a major role in outfitting the ship and is now training other Marine Technicians.  He continues to work with researchers to coordinate their scientific cruises in the southern hemisphere to ensure they are successful and safe.  Matt also sails as the ship's EMT.

Matt has been sailing as a contract marine technician for the US Antarctic Program since the beginning of his Antarctic career.  The staff in the Marine Department saw Matt as an asset and have now offered him a full time position as Marine Supervisor.  We are proud of all that Matt has accomplished and wish him the very best in this new position.

Matt is a co-founder of OceansWide and will continue to work with the staff and board of directors.  Matt has been an integral part of the OceansWide success.

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Board Member

Sunmi spent 7 years working for the Korean Polar Research Institute (KOPRI).

While there she worked toward her PhD in Paleoclimatology and studied deep-sea sediment around Antarctica,  Sunmi traveled to New York and Florida to analyze sediment samples for researchers at Hamilton College, Colgate University and University of South Florida.


Her extensive expertise in the scientific field of ocean research has been extremely valuable in OceansWide efforts to better understand the sediment in the Gulf of Maine.


Sunmi stayed in the United States where she and her husband are raising their 4 year old daughter Charlotte.

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Board Member

Born and raised in New Harbor, Maine, Guy lobstered there throughout his teen years, then worked in the building trades before settling in at Bath Iron Works.

flat fish

Board Member

Lynne Witham grew up and lives in coastal Maine and over the decades has done any number of jobs from Knox to Washington Counties, including running a residential construction company with her husband.

Her most recent long-term career has been in diverse realms of Education: Alternative, K-12, Adult, and Higher Ed, specializing in student engagement and retention, grant-writing, and professional program development.


Lynne holds a Bachelor of University Studies degree from UMaine and a Master of Science in Adult Higher Education from USM.

She currently operates a consulting business as Lynne Witham, LLC.

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Board Member

Josh Guyot is a senior mechanical engineer with a passion for creating technology which aids in the understanding and preservation of the world's open water. He presently lives on an island in Maine where loves nothing more than inspiring children and adults to develop a deeper understanding of the sea. 

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Board Member

Originally hailing from the Willamette Valley of Oregon, Colby brings almost two decades of experience as a naturalist educator and field research scientist.

Colby is our expert in community-based wildlife conservation, human-wildlife conflict mitigation strategies, and marine-intertidal ecology and restoration.

Colby’s background in climatology, geography, environmental sciences, and anthropology urges him to think about how social structures and policies of the past have created the current conservation issues we’re now facing. This global understanding, along with Colby’s natural communication skills, align perfectly with OceansWide’s mission of changing how people interact with their surroundings and help create spaces for wildlife and people to coexist.

In his grad school studies at Miami University’s Project Dragonfly, Colby is currently tackling one of OceansWide’s major issues - rope and trap waste - by working to create a waste up-cycling program for what we recover from our ghost lobster trap removal program, Traps 2 Treasure.


Feel free to reach out to Colby at with any questions!


Board Member

Nell is a National Board Certified Teacher with twenty-three years experience. She currently teaches middle school science in Blue Hill, Maine and was named Hancock County Teacher of the Year in 2019.

In 2017, Nell received the Louis P. Lambert award from the Maine Science Teachers Association. The award is given annually to one K-12 science teacher for inspiring student achievement in a caring, compassionate manner.

Nell has also taught middle school science in Eleuthera, Bahamas and in State College, Pennsylvania. Additionally, she was a Learning Enrichment/Gifted Support Specialist at the high school level in Pennsylvania for four years.

In 2014 and 2015, Nell was selected to serve as a Nautilus Explorer Science Communication Fellow.

The program is run by Dr. Robert Ballard, well known for his investigations of the Titanic shipwreck. Nell worked, off the coast of Belize, alongside marine archaeologists and marine biologists as part of the Fellowship.

She participated in research conducted using Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and shared the expedition experience with diverse and geographically dispersed audiences. In 2012, Nell traveled to Palmer Station Antarctica, as part of an NSF funded program called PolarTREC, where she participated in research about ocean acidification.

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