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If you would like to send a contribution directly to OceansWide, please mail them to:


P. O. Box 797

Newcastle, Maine 04553

Checks can be made out to - OceansWide

OceansWide runs purely on contributions, program income and grants. Your support makes it possible for us to hire quality educators, divers and organizational experts to keep us on track and keep track of our progress.

We are available for presentations (presently via Zoom) for classrooms and study groups.

GO TO OUR CONTACT PAGE to inquire about booking Buzz or other OceansWide crew to speak to your organization.


We have a big mission and need big support.  All contributions, no matter their size are welcome and greatly appreciated.  We need your help to continue this good work.


We are working to clear the Gulf of Maine of Marine Debris from the land, shoreline and seafloor as is possible.  As we do this we are training and certifying Maine students to follow in our footsteps. We are committed to continue this work until the last piece of Marine Debris has been removed from the Gulf of Maine.


This is a big project, but one that can be done if we all pull together.  The area we would like to clean includes the 350 miles of coastline, the 4,600 islands and ledges and the seafloor that stretches out deep into the Gulf of Maine.  This will take generations, but the return benefit will be immeasurable.


Together with Maine fishermen and other New England organizations we are working ashore to process retired fishing gear.  This consists mostly of lobster traps and rope.  We have and continue to find ways to reduce, repurpose and recycle the materials we recover from these traps. The total tonnage of the traps alone is estimated to be 540,000,000 pounds (270,000 tons).


Along the shoreline teams are clearing traps, rope and other trash that has washed ashore during winter storms for the past 40 years.  


OceansWide divers have been diving in the shallow coastal waters and have removed 3,500 traps from just one location.  


OceansWide is raising funds to purchase a Remotely Operated Unmanned Submersible (ROV) that will enable us to dive deeper, stay longer and expand our capability to remove exponentially more traps than the divers and shoreline crews can.


This is a monumental undertaking that requires a funding source to match.

This effort will build a strong coastal workforce to dive, perform ROV and vessel operations, engineering and heavy machinery operations, data collection that will keep track of the work that is being done and scientific research to better understand the benefit brought by removing this Marine Debris. Continuous monitoring (during the clean up) will give us a better understanding of the waters in the Gulf of Maine.

OceansWide will conduct daily ROV and dive work to monitor changes in the waters that have for thousands of years thrived with wildlife that is now being threatened.  Cleaning and monitoring the Gulf of Maine is necessary to restore the resources that once fed the state of Maine and many others around the world.  From David Attenborough to Sylvia Earle, Jacques Cousteau and so many others we have heard, “if we don’t act now, it will soon be too late”.  OceansWide is acting. Please join us!  Act now for the sake of our children and this astonishingly beautiful and unique planet that we all call home.

The Gulf of Maine is the second fastest warming body of water in the world.  The melting sea ice in the Arctic is changing life in the Gulf of Maine as are many other factors.  Below are just two articles explaining the stressors on the Gulf.

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