Courses for Fishermen, Mariners, and Technicians

Find a course that's right for you, whether that's to maintain your license or to be safer the next time you head out on the water. For adults, we provide SCUBA certification, drill instructor courses, MOB recovery courses, cold water survival courses and more. Our Alaska Marine Safety Education Association (AMSEA)-trained instructors can also tailor-make custom courses. Our workshops meet USCG requirements for fishing vessels and oftentimes reduced rates are available thanks to NIOSH support. Visit our Events/Classes page for the latest, or visit our contact page to fire up a request for a custom course.

Courses for Students

Maritime careers are stunning in their diversity, and Maine's educational institutions reflect that. The Ocean School and Maine Maritime Academy thrive, which is proof-positive that the water is brimming with opportunities that include fishing, aquaculture, science, surveying, biology, the passenger trade, and more. Our programs spark students' imaginations and encourage the self-reliance and safety-mindedness that make for great mariners, whether go on to find themselves on day trips or seasonal deployments. Visit our Events/Classes page for the latest programs available for students. 


OceansWide's programs give students a unique, hands-on experience with guidance from educators, research scientists, archeologists, and historians. With an opportunity to get a first hand look into the past, present, and future of the Gulf of Maine, we help young people become aware of the treasures they stand to inherit and the importance of protecting them. Read more.

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