Amazing Update!! 
The Pauline is out of the water!

Thanks to very supportive donors and the Williams Family the Pauline Project has taken a big step forward.

These truly generous gifts have allowed us to have her hauled out, clean her hull, and have her hull painted from the rail down. 


The OceansWide team and crew are so thankful to these dear friends who understands the great benefit the Pauline will bring.  We would also like to thank the hard-working staff of Billings Diesel & Marine Service in Stonington for all their time and effort to keep Pauline in shape. We thank all of you who have supported our dream over the years.  Because of you, we are going to make this dream a reality.

The Pauline Project



The “Pauline”, an 83-foot sardine carrier was built and designed by Roy Wallace of the Newbert & Wallace Yard in Thomaston, Maine, in 1948. Newbert & Wallace had a reputation for building workboats to yacht-like standards.


The “Pauline” was an icon during the heyday of the sardine fisheries and was respected as the most beautiful, sturdy and well-kept carrier on the coast. In 1988 at the end of the sardine era, the “Pauline” was refitted as a motor yacht and sailed as a passenger vessel touring the coastline of Maine for next 25 years. 


In recent years, the owner of the “Pauline” began an extensive restoration of the vessel.  Following in the tradition of Maine’s boat building values and in an effort to keep the vessel in her original state all materials used in the restoration were identical to those used when she was first built.


During her time as a passenger vessel, the “Pauline” had a USCG license to carry 12-overnight passengers and 30-day passengers.


The ”Pauline” is a classic vessel, spacious and manageable for use in all kinds of weather and conditions. She has an impressive style and layout that is reinforced by her extremely rugged original construction.  (Description from and has been modified)



OceansWide plans are to restore PAULINE to her near original lines.  This would allow for passenger spaces below and a working deck above.  The ROV’s will be launched from the main deck and a control room will be located below in what was formerly the location of the vessels cargo hold, aft of the living spaces.




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