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Campbell A. Scott - President


In my life I have been extremely fortunate to see and experience some extraordinary things. I was raised on Matinicus Island, Maine and spent 17 years as a commercial fisherman in the Gulf of Maine. I have also spent 2 years on supply ships in the Gulf of Mexico and 4 years working for the United States Antarctic Program as a marine technician and marine projects coordinator, sailing on scientific research ships around Antarctica.  Read more...

Greg Perkins-

Greg began his time in research support shortly after college graduation in 1999. He worked at the Advanced Engineered Wood Composites center at the University of Maine where he supported the electronic data collection and testing systems. Upon meeting a fellow electrical engineer working in the Physical Oceanography group at the School of Marine Sciences, he transferred to that group and began assisting in development of the Gomoos environmental data buoy array. Over the course of eight years, he assisted in all aspects of design, deployment, and recovery of the data buoys and finally became the manager of all subsurface equipment. This included, but was not limited to, cleaning, calibrations, configuration, deployment, recovery, diagnostics and repair of an inventory of 200+ subsurface instruments. Instruments he has worked on include Doppler Current Profilers, and current meters, conductivity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, and remote water samplers. As a part of the oceanography group, he was also able to assist in several independent research projects using Pressure Inverted Echo Sounders, Fluorescent Particulate Counters, CTDs, Drifting Buoys, etc. He was also the primary operator of the VideoRay Micro ROV system. He left the School of Marine Sciences in 2008 and started performing electrical power system studies while working on side projects developing an autonomous vessel used for lake environmental surveys, and supporting repairs to OW equipment. Greg’s primary interest in OW is to assist in the support and development of technology used for research and education. Aside from his work as a research and electrical engineer over the years, he has had a great desire to work in an industry that supports STEM-type education to inspire the next generation of thinkers. 

Matt Louis -

As the newest board member, Matt brings nine + years of summer marine science education and five years of Antarctic research technician experience to the organization. He graduated from the University of Maine in 2010 with a Bachelor's Degree in Marine Science with a concentration in biology. He has worked for Project Oceanology and Schooner, Inc. in Connecticut and the Maine State Aquarium all while working and volunteering with OceansWide, helping and facilitating its growth. From 2011 to present he has also been working for the United States Antarctic Program as a Senior Marine Technician. His passion is to share his love of the ocean and to give young students the same opportunities that he received.  


Sunmi Jeong -


Guy Thompson- 
was born and raised in New Harbor, Maine.  He lobstered in New Harbor throughout his teen years.  Guy worked in the building trades before he began work at Bath Iron works.  He went to work at BIW in 1973 where he worked 13 years as a ship fitter and another 27 years in the engineering department.  During that time he and his wife raised a family in Damariscotta, Maine, including several foster and adopted children.  Guy is very engaged in the OceansWide program and feels strongly that it is our responsibility to make life better for children through education and mentoring. 
Previous Board Members

Special thanks for their years of service...

Brennan Phillips

Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering. 

Jean Moon

Damariscotta, Maine- STEM Educator-

Dr. George Matsumoto

Senior Education and Research Specialist at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute.

C. Michael Pinto

Chief Financial officer at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute.  

Ann McFarland

South Bristol, Maine- Nonprofit Professional


Wayne Roberts


William Ellis


Bruce Robison

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