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Just as OceansWide inspires a new era of exploration and conservation, we also require new tools and methods to continue research and education efforts. Enter Pauline, an 83' historic sardine carrier built in Maine in 1948. This iconic wooden wonder toured Maine's coast for decades before being put to pasture. Now her time has come again, not as a sardine carrier, but as the new and improved flagship of OceansWide’s education initiatives and research opportunities. 


In the past, many of our alumni students have expressed enthusiasm for our learning programs. Still, they find that they would have appreciated more time on the water, allowing for more hands-on experience with scientific equipment including ROV training and a wide variety of sampling techniques. With Pauline in the process of being retrofitted for optimum space usage above and below deck, there would be more than enough room for students and their required project materials.  

Pauline’s soon-to-be refurbished spacious interior and exterior make her the perfect vessel to expand Oceanswide’s on-sea programming while offering a safe learning environment for participants to test their boundaries and have some fun! Read the Ellsworth American article about Pauline's article to learn more about the vessel's process and progress! 

Fund Raising Goal: $2.65 Million

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