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The 83' sardine carrier Pauline was built and designed by Roy Wallace of the Newbert & Wallace Yard in Thomaston, Maine, in 1948. OceansWide is leading the effort to restore Pauline to her near-original lines, with a layout optimized for passenger accommodations below and an ideal working space abovedecks from which our ROVs will be launched.


Pauline was an icon during the heyday of the sardine fisheries and was respected as the most beautiful, sturdy and, well-kept carrier on the coast. In 1988, Pauline was refit as a motor yacht and worked for the next 25 years as a passenger vessel touring Maine waters. At that time, Pauline had a USCG license to carry 12 overnight passengers and 30 day passengers. If we can renew her COI for similar numbers, OceansWide will fulfill the wish of our alumni students who have said they loved what they did, but they could go for more time on the water and would be thankful for more activities handling scientific equipment. 

Pauline's previous life as a sardine carrier makes her a design that's both spacious so we can expand our programs and stable in all kinds of conditions to assure safety . The restoration was began by Clark & Eisele Traditional Boatbuilders on the marine railway at Billings Diesel & Marine in Stonington, Maine. Read the Ellsworth American article about Pauline's restoration here. Follow her restoration on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube by following us at the links below the lines drawing.

Fund Raising Goal: $2.65 Million

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