About Our Programs


OceansWide gives the students  a first hand look into the wonders of the largest habitat on Earth – the ocean, just a stone’s throw from their front door.Our program is designed to enable students to work closely with educators, research scientists, archeologists and historians from around the state of Maine and around the world. By giving students the opportunity to get a first hand look into the past, present and future of the Gulf of Maine, we will help them become aware of the treasures they have before them and the importance of protecting them.


OceansWide’s goal is to empower students to find ways of becoming more involved in research and the conservation of the world’s oceans while they study the secrets hidden deep beneath the waters. This is accomplished by using modern technologies, specifically remotely operated vehicles (ROV), and a specialized educational curriculum. Using ROVs from a surface support ship, the students will become involved in real time, hands on experiences in ocean science, history and exploration. We give them the opportunity to dive in and become an integral part of the process which seeks to monitor and understand the ocean. With their new-found awareness, students will have the confidence to continue working in ways that will empower them to become the next generation of stewards to the ocean. This will allow the waters to be sustainable for the generations to come.



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