OceansWide's programs give Maine students a unique, hands-on experience with guidance from educators, research scientists, archeologists, and historians. With an opportunity to get a first hand look into the past, present, and future of the Gulf of Maine, we help them become aware of the treasures they stand to inherit and the importance of protecting them.



Education Director and Lead Dive Instructor

Matt began working with OceansWide in 2009, during his junior year of undergraduate study at the University of Maine. He instantly became enthralled with the idea of using Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV’s) as an educational outreach tool.


Program Coordinator and Dive Instructor

Paul serves OceansWide as an SDI Dive Instructor, but he's also our handyman, coordinator, and storyteller. Having grown up on the coast of Downeast Maine, Paul has spent his career in the wild and wide, and now works to share those skills with OceansWide students. 


Program Coordinator and Dive Instructor

Alex is appreciated for their support and time, and a bio is forthcoming. 

Lydia Harris

Summer Program Counselor

Lydia is a recent graduate of Lincoln Academy in Newcastle, Maine. Living by the water most of her life, she has always loved the ocean and has a deeply rooted interest and appreciation for marine life.

Anne Bryant

Documentarian, Storyteller, Amplifier

Anne does a lot. She sails. She sulks at parties where no one is talking about boats.