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Campell "Buzz" Scott, Founder

Why OceansWide?

OceansWide offers adventures in education and research to students through ocean exploration and awareness. We also support industry and marine research by developing and implementing innovative programming that seeks to use ROVs to inspire young people, expand their horizons and teach them about the world’s ocean through first hand shipboard experiences. Collaboration between OceansWide and other educational organizations can only improve our impact on the lives of students. The ability to obtain technically superior ROV equipment to use in this educational endeavor will further increase the quality of every student’s experience and understanding of real life scientific research. We understand that the goal to commercialize the technology sector is a major goal to many organizations.Remotely Operated Unmanned Vehicles (ROVs) are submersible instruments that allow scientists to explore the ocean like never before. They roam the depths of the world’s ocean controlled by a pilot safely aboard a research vessel. Removing the risk of manned submersibles allows ROVs to remain deployed for extended periods of time, collecting samples, photography and video safely and swiftly.


OceansWide will manage research vessels and remotely operated vehicles (ROV) for use by scientists, educators and students. We began in 2004 and intend to have a ship in the water as soon as possible. Buzz Scott is the visionary and driving force behind OceansWide. He has surrounded himself with a stellar group of sea going scientists, educators, and technicians who have world wide knowledge and experience.Buzz is a pro at flying the ROVs and can snap photos while trapping the stray jellyfish in a bottle. We use ROVs to gather data which satisfy research goals in marine sciences. These include pelagic and benthic science, biology, microbiology, chemical oceanography, geology and archaeology.We have links on this Website to our business plan and biographies of our key people. In addition we havepictures and video of the amazing sea life we have observed down deep.  We are about educational excellence and are excited to bring great opportunity to the students and researchers. Enjoy our website. We’d love to hear from you.




Campell "Buzz" Scott, President/Founder


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Our Philosophy

OceansWide (a 501-C-3 Nonprofit) is dedicated to supporting science and educaton around the world. OceansWide educational programs are supported through contracts created with partnering institutions and donations from our supporters. The income generated through these contracts goes directly into the educational programs. 

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